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ASP is an international investment company specializing in aviation related infrastructure or airport oriented real estate. ASP invests equity into the physical and operational sides of the airport industry. ASP does this for its own portfolio and advises third parties such as institutional investors on placing capital into this field. 

Investments areas of interest are
•   Operational companies that require physical space on the airport premises such as               logistics companies, technical suppliers or maintenance and repair companies
•   Airport Real Estate such as Land, Retail Space, Warehousing and Offices. 
•   Airport Infrastructure such as Runways,  Terminals and Hangars.

​ASP partners with its international subcontractors to ensure project delivery dates and quality standards. As developer ASP will put up developers equity, structure debt, acquire sites and deliver projects turn key for its clients, third party investors or own portfolio. 

ASP caters to the infrastructural, facility and operational needs of its partners and clients. ASP can operate as a development partner, (co)investor, facility operator, and strategic adviser.  
Our clients include: airlines, airport authorities and logistic companies. ASP strives to support the growth of port cities, clusters and companies that we work with. 

ASP does the same for the maritime industry . We develop infrastructure such as quays, berths, load zones and jetties. On the real estate side we develop commercial spaces and terrain. ​ASP currently owns and operates 2 Port business parks and facilities in the Dutch Caribbean

Investment areas of interest are
•   Operational companies that require access to port facilities such as logistics      companies, technical suppliers or maintenance and repair companies.
•   Port Real Estate such as Land, Commercial spaces and Industrial buildings. 
•   Port Infrastructure such as quays, berths, jetties, dolphins, buoys and piers. 
•   Port Superstructures such as cranes, machines and other technical facilities. 

For development projects we vertically integrate with ASP's sister companies to clean, dredge, and build parts of the port. This saves fees, keeps control and improves oversight. 

​ASP develops the connection between land and sea side customers. As an operating partner we conduct business with companies such as: port authorities, suppliers, ship building and repair yards. For the seaside we operate any type of mooring facility to cater to ships. We strive to strengthen the global competitive advantages, products and service range of our clients through development of strong port clusters in strategic regions. 

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